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Save Money & Cut Cost

Relocating is hard. Saving money is easy.


     It doesn't matter whether you're moving into a five-story mansion or an apartment on the fifth floor, relocation comes with more than its share of expense. Extra costs are the last thing you need - on top of the stress and anxiety caused by moving. Wheaton wants to help ease the burden a bit by offering you tried-and-true suggestions for minimizing your moving costs.


     The bottom line is simple: the more stuff you move, the more it'll cost you. On long distance moves, the main cost factors are weight and distance, while local moves are calculated by handling time and added services, like packing. Clean–Do not pay to move things that you don't use. Donate or discard unnecessary items. (We can donate or discard the items for you).


      Pick your moving company like you picked your possessions - very carefully
Because it's not just anybody's furniture - it's your collection. Trivia or treasures, miscellaneous or heirlooms, your possessions are a part of your personality and lifestyle. They're what will make your new home uniquely you. A proven, professional mover is your best assurance of a good move.