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From the Founder

Dear visitor,

     I want to thank you for taking the time to view our website and for your interest in our esteemed moving and storage services. The story of Basic Moving begins in August 2000 when I first arrived in New York City. I had just $325.00 in my pocket and knew only two phrases in English: one of them was “thank you” and the other is not appropriate to mention here. The very next day I started my first job in a local moving company in Brooklyn. The words “walk-up”, “blankets” and “truck” were instantly added to my vocabulary. By the end of that first day I had also learned how to ask the most important question of my new career: “Do we have a job for tomorrow?”

     There are so many poignant memories from those first years:
- Celebrating my first Thanksgiving with my American cousins by traveling to other end of the city on the subway carrying the most humongous turkey that I could afford.

- Living through the tragedy of September 11th, an experience that will never be forgotten or forgiven. This was the day when I became a true New Yorker and the patriotic American that I am today.

- The black-out of 2002, which was probably the darkest night ever in NYC.

     But my favorite memories of all are deeply intertwined with the many families and professionals that I helped during that time as they settled into their new surroundings, both across town and across the country. Before I began my career as a mover, I never dreamed that I would someday meet so many genuine people who would willingly open their lives to me as a complete stranger. So often it felt as though I had become as close as family by the time I had completed my role in their transitions.

     Eventhough I was only the foreman of my crew back then, so many of my customers thought that I owned the company. With this encouragement and my burning desire to be a part of the American Dream, I founded Basic Moving in 2005. I have never considered this to be a business of moving people’s belongings, but instead a business of building lasting relationships with people who are in the process of a significant transition in their lives. It is my belief that every relationship is built on honesty, integrity and transparency above all else. I ask for your business with the assurance that you will not only have the best move of your life, but you will also come to know why genuine relationships are at the foundation of what we do.

Very truly yours,

Ben Kogan
President & CEO