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Are you moving into or out of an apartment? If you are moving away from home into your first apartment, there are some things you should do to make life easier.

1. Know your apartment. While it may be tempting to take that huge, glamorous apartment…are your finances in order to keep up with the rent, utilities, and groceries? Having a cool place is great, being able to eat every week is better.

2. If you will be sharing an apartment with roommates sit down and talk about expenses before moving. Having a plan in place of how expenses will be divided cuts down on disagreements later.

3. When looking for your apartment, take someone with you that you trust. Having another set of eyes brings perspective. While a cheaper apartment might not look as rosy as the more expensive one, there is a possibility that the more costly apartment has problems that the lower costing one will not. Price does not always indicate quality and that holds true not just in items, but living spaces, too.

4. Speaking of roommates, when you are choosing one (or several), know who you will be living with. Know what their expectations are and lay out your own. Hate loud music? Don’t have a bandmember for a roommate. Can’t stand certain smells? Have allergies? Put all of this out in the open and talk through all of you and their expectations in your living arrangement. You (and they) will be sharing quarters and getting to know how you all like to live will make things in your new home run smoother.

5. Hire a top-rated moving company.  You want a group of professionals who are familiar with apartment moves.  These individuals should know how to coordinate with a  building super and navigate tight spaces such as narrow hallways and tricky elevators.

Are you moving out of an apartment and into new one? Maybe you’re moving into a house or moving in with your significant other. If you are moving to a new apartment, then all of the tips above still apply. Moving to a house is slightly different. So is moving in with someone you love.

When looking for a house, you will want to begin the search well in advance of the time your apartment lease. This gives you time to decide on a new home, apply for a loan, and complete the closing. If you give yourself at least six months, you can find a real estate agent, search for your home, and save money for those ‘extras’ that can come with a move.

If you are moving into a newly built home, chances are that you will not need to worry about any remodeling projects–one of those ‘extras’. But if you are like most people, you will move into a home that was previously owned by someone else. Their tastes in decorating may not be compatible with yours. Tackling a remodeling project before moving in might seem crazy, but if you complete one or several remodeling jobs before you move in, this will save you time and money later.

Moving into a new home with your significant other can be challenging if you are not used to each other’s routines. Treat this move in a similar way that you would when moving in with roommates. Discuss how and if bills will be divided, talk about how you actually live– music and television preferences, taste in food, dividing chores and so on.

Moving may not always be fun, but it can be less stressful if you take steps to avoid pitfalls.


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